Friday, September 25, 2009

Bitware Technologies launches new modem-less outbound fax solution

Through a strong partnership with Asterisk® the World’s leading open source PBX (Private Branch Exchange), BitWare Technologies has an on-going commitment to develop solutions that are specifically designed to each customer’s individual and unique requirements. While BitWare Technologies partnerships have proven invaluable time and time again, BitWare Technologies continues to think and design “outside the box,” focusing on the best solution for the customer and the budget.

The Open Source PBX solution has allowed partners Dennis J. Monroe II (DJ) and Darrin Gorski to continuously develop and deploy better technology solutions for clients. They have developed an inbound & outbound fax solution that allows users to send faxes from their computer via BitWare's Unified Communications Server without a modem. Currently in Beta testing with this solution, DJ says, “In this day and age clients are tired of the inconvenient old fax machine. They often lack clarity, are costly and you can encounter numerous problems when trying to send and receive documents. BitWare Technologies wanted to update the technology for our clients and make those issues a thing of the past.” For businesses, this solution is a competitive advantage. It makes communication with customers and clients much faster, saving time and allowing for more efficiency.

For organizations today, DJ goes on to say, “In this time of high speed communication, computers allow us to speed things up. Our fax solution allows businesses to save money instead of spending too much money on fax machines, maintenance, and supplies.” Not only does this solution save businesses money, but it is an environmentally-friendly way to send and receive messages. Traditional faxing options require a lot of paper, and for many organizations that means hundreds of dollars devoted to paper and ink expenses. A software solution allows businesses the opportunity to “go green,” plus save money.

In addition to the added benefit of BitWare’s fax solution, VoIP technology continues to be a communication tool that is cost effective and rich in features that include free voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call waiting ID, 3 way calling, speed dialing, find me follow me, and much more.


  1. If i am not wrong PBX is basically used for handling a incoming and outgoing calls from the company. It will handle all the calls between company and outside world. if i am not wrong please make me clear.

  2. You are correct. However, our system is a full blown unified communications platform that incorporates fax, mobile integration, e-mail integration and many other features into the PBX.