Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bitware Technologies launches VoIP leasing option for Michigan Businesses.

BitWare Technologies, a leading technology company, recently launched a new, small business friendly VoIP solution. BitWare is now offering a leasing alternative for organizations wanting to take advantage of the huge telecommunications cost savings and many features that Voice over IP offers.

Dennis J. Monroe II (DJ), Partner says, “This is a great way for a small business or a home based business to offer sophistication to both their clients and prospective clients.”

For businesses today, VoIP technology continues to be a communication tool that is cost effective and rich in features that include free voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call waiting ID, 3 way calling, speed dialing, find me follow me and much more.

BitWare Technologies’ first leasing customer is Source Path, a technology company located in Oakland County. Source Path offers its clients IT consulting, sales and services to businesses. Joshua J. Van Berkum, Sr. Systems Engineer/Principal explains, “Your customers judge you on your phone system and accessibility. In our line of work we need a phone system that works remotely and will allow us to manage and prioritize help desk tickets.” Joshua goes on to say, “BitWare’s VoIP solution and this new leasing option is a great fit for our telecommunication needs.”

In addition to standard VoIP features, BitWare Technologies customers enjoy added benefits including converting voicemail to email, receiving faxes and access to a user portal where they can review reports and make changes to their phone lines. One feature in particular that Source Path, was looking for and found with BitWare Technologies is mobile phone integration. This feature allows Joshua J. Van Berkum and Timothy H. Boyes, Principals to prioritize phone calls when they are out of the office for business. The technology works by having the caller identify themselves when the “desk” phone answers. If the recipient of the phone call is out, the phone rings through to their mobile line and identifies the caller giving Source Path the option to answer the call or forward the call to voice mail where a help desk ticket will be electronically generated.

BitWare’s leasing option was designed to be an attractive offering for small or home based businesses/offices, but in today’s tough economy, leasing is also a recession-beating finance option. It enables businesses to have the opportunity to overcome short-term cash flow or budgetary concerns, and invest in cost-effective technology. Installation and monthly costs are low and ongoing support costs are included with the monthly lease price. BitWare Technologies is offering a silver lining for businesses that are determined to weather the economic storm. Despite budget concerns, or the size of the business, organizations can still upgrade their outdated telephony systems and switch to a more cost effective communications technology.

Founded in 2005, BitWare Technologies continues to help businesses embrace new phone system and technology solutions giving their customers the competitive advantage they need.

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