Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bitware Technologies VoIP Solution Offers Many Benefits

Whether you are a small business with small needs or a global corporation, BitWare Technologies' innovative Voice over IP phone system solutions can be scaled to connect your entire enterprise.

Did you know one of the main reasons Voice over IP (VoIP) was developed was to provide access to voice communication anyplace in the world? Why? Because when most people consider making a phone call to someone living in a country half a globe away, the first thing they think of is their phone bill. VoIP solves this problem and many others.

Darrin Gorski, Partner states, “Even in a slow economy, businesses need to consider purchasing technology solutions that will make them more productive and more efficient while still saving them money. At BitWare Technologies we help our clients save money, while helping workers improve productivity and customer service.” Gorski, adds, “Implementing this leading edge technology will delight your employees and impress your customers generating greater productivity, saving you money and generating additional revenue.”

BitWare Technologies VoIP Solution is a multimedia data solution that handles all of your voice, fax and conferencing needs. BitWare takes advantage of the highly robust Asterisk soft switch for all ACD/PBX functionality. Asterisk IS the answer to successful Voice over IP migrations. Asterisk simplifies the migration from a traditional phone system to an IP based phone system. From a cost perspective, it CANNOT be outdone. Clients will be pleased to find that the voice quality of an Asterisk based Voice over IP phone system will be comparable to or better than that of traditional analogue systems.

For four years, BitWare Technologies has helped businesses embrace new phone system and technology solutions giving their customers the competitive advantage they need.

How can BitWare Technologies help your business?

· Appear “big” to your customers – Asterisk VoIP offers sophistication
· No busy signal – VoIP handles high-volume call processing
· Unify employees at multiple locations with one phone number
· Transfer calls easily to anyone... anywhere

Monday, May 18, 2009

Michigan Telephone, VoIP and Broadband blog

BitWare would like to express our thanks to the Michigan Telephone, VoIP and Broadband blog for helping us get the word out about our products and services. After discovering their blog I sent them an e-mail asking if they would be willing to list something about our organization, and they were more than happy to oblige. Please take a moment to check out their blog located at for all the latest area VoIP news.