Thursday, January 8, 2009

Device Management Updates for BitWare UCS

We are excited to announce the addition of directory management to the BitWare Unified Communications server through version 1.1 of our device management feature.

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver Asterisk solutions to our customers with features that set us apart from our competition. Our device management feature, that configures and manages Polycom phones within the FreePBX extension module, is one of the value added features incorporated into our systems.

Our device management feature:

• Creates phone configurations in one easy step.
• Manages changes to existing configurations.
• Ensures that phones are configured consistently with a standard set of options.
• Saves configurations in the tftpboot server directory where they are uploaded by phones.
• Creates a central repository for phone configurations.

Directory File Management

Now in addition to managing phone registrations, our updated device management module also creates directory files. By default device management will create a new directory file for all of the devices registered to the system whenever a new phone is configured. By also checking the Generate Directory checkbox, device management will create a special directory file for that phone allowing accesses to the presence of other phones registered with the phone system through the Busy Lamp Field [BLF] feature available on many popular IP phones.

Device Presence

Device presence is a great feature for receptionists or other users who need to see the status of other phones in the office. This feature is even more exciting combined with the Polycom sidecar expansion module for the Soundpoint IP 601 and 650 phones. The sidecars, combined with presence, turn the phone into a full-featured attendant console capable of displaying the status of 46 or more extensions.

For more information about device management and the many other features of UCS please visit our products page at

Please note this feature is currently available for Polycom phones. While we do not currently support other brands , the code is flexible enough to support other device brands upon request. If you are interested in incorporating device management into your Asterisk/FreePBX installation, or if you would like more information about our phone system please e-mail us at Of course for all of our existing customers under our support this is a free update.

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